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The Road to Corporate Part IV - Dan Farnsworth (Producer/Engineer/Multi-Instrumentalist)

From left to right (Mike Charbanneau (drums/percussion), Osvaldo Paese (bass), Bryan Fahey (Vocals/Lyrics/Guitar), Dan Farnsworth (Producer/Engineer/Multi-Instrumentalist)

As any musician will tell you - the vibe in the recording studio is crucial to having good sessions and ultimately a product you are proud of. After I had committed to Gravity Studios, we were introduced to Dan Farnsworth, who provided a steady hand and was a crucial asset during this process.

So much so, Dan was helpful in providing a lot of the bells and whistles that made the final album. A few highlights, outside of his producing roll - adding keys to tracks "Orientation" and "Rat Race", playing bass on "Orientation", additional guitar work on "Meeting of the Mouths", along with some additional percussion. Dan did a great job with all the ideas flowing - of making sure to keep us on track, and really get the best out of our booked time. I'm eternally grateful to have Dan aboard this project with his positive...nudging but never pushy attitude. Really could not have had a better experience!

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