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Road to Corporate VIII: Official Tracklisting and Album Details

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

With the official album releasing October 15th, we wanted to give you a little more detail on the album and tracklisting.

"Corporate" is a highly original work, that we are excited to bring to the masses. The subject matter - revolving around the different facets of getting into, and working within the corporate world - is something rarely discussed in music. And while we understand - not everyone in the world has worked in this environment, the topics behind the music are universal. Nearly everyone can relate to feelings of rejection, having to make sacrifices, feeling like the deck is stacked against you, and at the end of the day, trying to find real people in life to relate to. So without further ado, the tracklisting:

Resume (4:20) - This is the oldest song on the album, with alternative versions written back in 2010. At it's core, this song is about doing whatever it takes to get noticed for an opportunity. Including fluffing your Resume and making yourself more marketable, even if some of those things are greatly exaggerated.

The Waiting (4:50) - This track, also an older track, with demos dating back to 2015, is a dark, brooding song about hoping someone will answer the call, and give you an opportunity. The character is struggling with tuition debt, and every passing day without a job gives them a sinking feeling about their life decisions up to this point.

Interview (3:11) - Finally, the protagonist is feeling a little bit of hope...but the interview is an odd experience. Based on someone I dealt with years ago, the interviewer is the one doing all the talking, and you don't really know who the interview is for, at the end of the day.

Acceptance Letter (3:12) - A little more hope, but somewhat bittersweet. The main character gets a job acceptance letter. It sounds promising, but his gut feeling is that it's not really what he's looking for...and is afraid taking the job might take away part of his soul. But based on his position in life, he's not really in a position of leverage to pick and choose.

Orientation (4:15) - Inspired by the kumbaya like moment we all feel when you are in the honeymoon phase of your new job. Everyone makes the job feel like the greatest thing in the world, and you are working on a fully harmonious team..

Rat Race (4:18) - The first signs that all is not well. The character feels like he's not really being compensated for his accomplishments. And whenever someone seems to hit their goals, and does a good job - the rules change. It's a rat race, where upper management puts everyone into this maze and no one really gets ahead at the end of the day.

Meeting of the Mouths (3:11) - A spoof on the phrase "Meeting of the minds", in which leadership at this company meets, and talks, and takes a liking to individuals with big ideas that sound great when verbalized, but without any details or understanding of how to bring these visions to life. Words matter, actions not so much.

Cutbacks (3:36) - Based on another real life character, this song evokes the eerie feeling of being looked at like a number and not a person. The leader in the department looks at people, talks to them, smiles, acts like a friend, but behind this is a vat of lies. They are trying to figure out who to cut, and who to retain.

Corporate Robots (4:08) - A continuation from cutbacks, as a result of the company's action, you now have people that are turning into "yes" men, when is disheartening to those that want to find people to make a connection with at work, and ultimately be themselves. This is the first time the protagonist thinks about what it will take to feel alive and be around people that matter.

Promoshun (4:29) - At this point, several people have left the company. Morale is way down. The remaining people left are doing multiple jobs, and are now being offered promotions. But these promotions are really just a ploy to give people even more work, work extra hours, but give a very slight bump in pay. As a result, you have some people that take that bait, but only to get the title. It's a fake promotion, and in time, people will leave for their real promotion. Song contains a small spoken word section.

Reorg (5:18) - Taking the ideas established in promoshun, this song turns into a nearly entire spoken words song, but from the perspective of the big boss man. Every time he says something to the team, they respond with "Yes Master!". This call and response builds on the theme introduced with corporate robots. The boss belittles his team, dangles the carrot of getting a sizable bonus, only to go back on his words and find a way to only let the higher-ups keep the bonus money.

Two Weeks (4:52) - After struggling to find his identity, work within the system, and seeing first hand the lack of individuality in the work force, the only viable solution for the main character to keep their sanity is to put in their two weeks notice. It's a shame, as he really wanted to make everything work. This is a bittersweet finale to the album, as now he has no one to answer to but himself, but that opportunity is also one that gives him a freedom that he hasn't felt since working in the corporate world.

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