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The Road to Corporate VII - Ryan Curtis (Lead Guitar)

Drums....check. Bass? We got it down. Acoustic guitar? Not a problem. Lead guitar? This was a struggle before we enlisted the help of Ryan Curtis.

After a few sessions and attempts at doing lead guitar work over the songs, we just weren't getting the right tone or the right feel to fit these songs. Producer Dan Farnsworth had already added a lot of great ear candy to the mix, but to really put the cherry on top, we needed a guitar virtuoso.

Ryan came in and did a bang-up job, and his touches can be heard throughout "Corporate". Standouts include - the final clanging breakdown of "Interview", the ripe bridge and outro of "Meeting of the Mouths", the soaring work on "Corporate Robots", subtle moments on "Promoshun", and the atmospheric layers on "Two Weeks".

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