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The Road to Corporate VI - The String Session

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

The String Section - Jessica Ondrecek (left, Cello), Hanna Watson (right, violin)

During the Corporate sessions we realized string arrangements would really help bring the vision and emotional depth needed on a few pivotal songs. Percussionist Mike Charbonneau referred me to two of the top string players in the Chicagoland area to bring this to life. Enter Jessica Ondrecek and Hanna Watson.

We had landed on three songs, and one long session to get everything in it's right place.

"The Waiting" a song about being in limbo in life, dealing with the unknowns of your next big opportunity. This slow burning song builds and builds to it's eventual crescendo. The strings start with slow, long notes and eventually change to a more fast, striking tempo.

"Cutbacks" a song that deals with the pains of being treated like a number in an organization under the watchful eyes of upper management, looking for any reason to cut you out of the department. This is one of the most unique tracks on the album, recorded in 5/4 time. Strings mix a more pizzicato style with call and response melodies to the vocals.

"Two weeks" is the closing track, which deals with rediscovering yourself after feeling forced into a company personality mold, and the eventual rebirth of who you are. Two weeks starts as an entirely acoustic track, with instruments slowly being added to the mix until the album's final statement, and release.

You can hear Jessica and Hanna's fingerprints on these expertly crafted tracks, due out on October 14th.

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