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The Road to Corporate Part II - The Drift City Guys

Circa 2017 - 2018, I was in a cover band called "Drift City Ransom". We would play all over the bar circuit in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. We had a cast of characters - Oz on bass, Uncle Jack on guitar, and the infamous "Pilot" Pete on drums. Pete was notorious for playing too loud, and it became an inside joke to have him only perform with brushes.

Staple artists in our set included - White Stripes, Radiohead, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, amongst others. Slowly but surely, I got the itch to step away from the covers and delve into original material. Early version of a handful of the "Corporate" album songs would make it's way into our setlist including songs "Resume", "Meeting of the Mouths", "Rat Race" and "Corporate Robots". Finally in November 2018 I was ready to begin recording "Corporate"...

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