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Mario Kart Music For Homework

On social media, a cavalcade of teenagers are saying that they are trying the method out, or reporting how using Mario Kart music is helping them finish their homework. “I AM LITERALLY LISTENING TO...

  • About. Studying To Mario Kart Music is a trend on TikTok based on the belief that listening to music from Mario Kart makes studying and doing homework faster and more efficient. The trend took off in October of 2020, and sees TikTokers upload videos and skits of themselves doing homework and studying set to the song "Coconut Mall" [1] from.

  • TikTok users are finding that the Mario Kart soundtrack boosts their homework productivity. Image: courtesy of Nintendo While the music of popular video game Mario Kart music brings back fond memories to some people, it seems it can also help students write their assignments in no time.

  • Teens Using Mario Kart Music To Finish Online Homework! By Muss Oct 27, 2020 TEENS USINGMARIO KARTMUSIC TO FINISH LAST-MINUTE HOMEWORK More and more teenagers are listening to music from the Mario Kart video game to inspire them to get their homework assignments done faster.


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